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The Tritypes are based on the idea that we each favor one of the styles within each of the Centers.  So, besides your base Enneagram type (and the Center within which it resides), there’ll be one type that resonates as your characteristic mode of operation within each of the other two Centers. The below ‘archetypes’ are suggestions intended to convey color, tone, visceral impressions. And are also meant to be applicable in any order…i.e.- the title given to 4-7-9 applies to 7-9-4 and 9-7-4, etc.

 Õ Θ Ø

125: the privy examiner, the due-diligence executor, the charitable scholar

126: the obligated, the moral prosecutor, the tyranny of should

127: the inspired mentor, the animated coach, the spirited educator

135: the proficient machine, the technical consultant, the object orientation

136: the drill sergeant, the disciplinarian, the strict protocol

137: the designer, the illustrative scene-builder, the symphonic architect

145: the hermetic scholar, the cloistered philosopher, the reflective dissection

146: the masochistic idealist, the tortured utopian, the critical eye, the passionate judge, the romance of martyrdom

147: the dissatisfied inventor, the restless search, the colorful detractor

blue swirl

258: the ascetic contributor, the abstinent participant, the solemn offering, the devotional spartan

259: the sanctuary, the abbot, the muted nurturer

268: the advocate, the first responder, the rescue, the triple parent

269: the sacrificial lamb, the conciliator, the long waiting

278: the bon vivant, the colorful libertine, the anti-intellectual, the beguiling comrade

279: the welcoming parade, the buoyant host, the cheerleader

rainbow mountain face2

358: the soloist, the pragmatist, the strategist, the archer

359: the sage troubleshooter, the backstage calibrator, the invisible gauges

368: the sheriff, the big shiny badge, the head honcho, the law & order

369: the porous ego, the collective chameleon, the ambitious sponge

378: the trailblazer, the spearheading entrepreneur, the fast ambition

379: the special envoy, the consul general, the ringmaster, the triumphant smile


458: the psychopomp, the underworld shaman, the vision quest, the otherworldly iconoclast, the ethereal beast

459: the contemplation pool, the fetus, the wilting life, the melting hologram

468: the portent, the harbinger of doom, the incendiary truth, the blood fire

469: the lament, the hesitant, the second guessing, the spiritually disappointed

478: the free radical, the avant garde, the protocol jettison, the mold breaker

479: the fool’s paradise, the apothecary wood gremlin, the gypsy satyr, the puer aeternus, the triple fantasy, the vagabond troubadour

Θ Ø Õ 


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