E7 : The Animator

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Type 7 


Keep Running / ‘snap architecture’

Considering E7 as member of the Head triad, there’s to notice the symbolism in its abutment to the Gut Center. Drawing a comparison, E5 as a Thinking style could be described as granular, while the Gut can be viewed as big-block knowing, à la gut instinct, where the granular is leapt over, into rock-like certainty (for better or for worse), where sureness is pre-verbal, pre-thought. In fact, to set them in sharper relief, it could be said that the Gut’s brand of knowing has a quality, tonally-speaking, of having occurred in some ancient space, many thousands of years ago, having visceral connections to the basic building blocks of psyche and existence. And getting back to 7, specifically, looking at its connecting lines, 7 is the only one of the Head types that doesn’t have as its higher goal to integrate to the Gut (i.e.- 5 goes to 8, and 6 goes to 9 to elevate in psychological health).


Positioned where it is on the enneagram, 7 then absorbs some magnetic energy from the Gut, and since 7 is a Head type, this combination (head + gut) is saying something about the materials and the speed of thought: from this mental space, tall edifices rocket up from bigger hunks of mass, immediate manufacture and formation. No tiny seedlings here; the instant orange tree complete. Snap architecture. In contrast to 5 and 6, stacking up one factoid brick at a time.  This is the archetype from which comedy, wit and ambidextrous whimsy spring; musical intuition and visionary planning too. We’re now well around the wheel away from the shrinking anemia and debilitating ‘Hamlet problem’ of the Existentialist gap between 4 and 5; the 7 reflex is toward externalization, manifestation, literalize the vision, “Don’t dream it. Be it.”

On the other side of this double-edged sword of holiday symphony synaptic sparks, however, is the fast fade; if  the physical prototype doesn’t instantly spring into being within a short expanse, Hermes flits on to the next interesting thing that launches from the architectural wellspring. Time moves faster here, a minute ago is yesterday. A mental castle was built, kings and queens glittered gold, history already passed through these halls, and throngs of modern tourists bought the t-shirt on the way out the door.  What’s next

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