E1 : The Temperance

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Type 1


4 ↔ 1 ↔ 7

(inner) Dionysian psychic violence (E4) + (outer) Bacchanalian sensual stimulation (E7) = sobriety/principles as a solution (E1)

 Looking at the connecting lines, we can see that the abstraction that is Type 1 comes into being between 7 and 4; two significantly irrational energies which make up a manic-depressive polarity: 7 = manic, 4 = depressive. These both also have a manic-depressive polarity within each of their own structural confines, unto themselves. Erratic molecules made up of erratic atoms.

There’s a spirit of chemical disturbance, you might say, an unbridled voltaic fluidity flying around as you work with these two in abstract space — 7 as overactive Head, and 4 throwing gasoline on Heart fire — a psychological storm is brewing. When brought into the same primordial elemental field as disembodied raw energies, a certain dissonant buzz ramps up quickly, the walls start to bend around us…a firm sense of One-ness becomes the imperative and only hope. This is the unholy ground, between Satyr and the indulgent Flaw, where E1’s reaction-formation begins and quickly crystallizes.


Type One is duty-bound to catalyze here, a firm Apollonian correction of straight tempered metal verticalness – “1” – the noble dividing line between the 4-7 flux/swirl. Reason and Temperance and Eternal Principles enter the theater; the uncanny cacophony stops.

frustration group - with caption

With E1 on the scene, the 1-4-7 group now forms an equilateral triangle: another symbolic allusion to E1′s design to bring perfection of order & equilibrium to a frustrated table. Good luck.

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