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Introducing the Enneagram Instinct Cards, a 15-card deck, featuring word-clouds and visual impressions of the six instinctual stackings, plus descriptions of the three zones within the instinctual variants and all-new universal icons for each instinct.  Includes a composite mini poster featuring the stacking visual impressions and the icons on the flipside.

IMG_4288 - Copy

IMG_4290 - Copy

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IMG_4292 - Copy

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$29.95 + shipping


The Instinctual Stackings Mini Poster — a two-sided 21″ x 5.75″ (53.34cm x 14.6cm) cardboard fold-out featuring the collages from the Instinct Deck and the universal icons on the reverse.

IMG_4293 - Copy

IMG_4292 - Copy

$5.95 + shipping


Professional Typing Services

If you’d like professional assistance to figure out your Type and Instinctual Stacking, or that of someone else’s, or for further in-depth insight & analysis using the Enneagram as a self-awareness tool, phone consultations are available.

See rates below, and write to to schedule an appointment.

AUM_4 enhanced

session times

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