Levels of Health / Development

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From the Enneagram Institute website:


Levels of Development


1   Level of Liberation: Ego Transcended — Balance & Freedom

 Level of Psychological Capacity: Ego is identified with as the basis of a Particular Mode of Being

3   Level of Social Gift: Ego Operating in a Constructive Way, Successfully Sublimating


4   Level of Fixation: Losing Contact with Presence and Awareness, the Beginning of “Sleep” — as Ego Role assumed

5   Level of Interpersonal Conflict: Ego Controlling Environment to get its needs met — Manipulative & Defended

 Level of Overcompensation: Ego Inflation, Aggressive defense of Ego-Identity. Demanding that others and reality support the ego agenda


 Level of Violation: Ego willing to violate self and others to maintain itself. Abusive, Devaluing, Desperate (Serious pathology arises)

8   Level of Delusion and Compulsion: Ego-self out of Control and Out of Touch with Reality (Major Personality Disorders)

9   Level of Pathological Destructiveness: Extreme Pathology or death (Psychosis)



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