The Egyptian Ennead and the Invisible Lines of Inversion

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(a work in progress) 

ennead (1) - Copy

5 <—> 1

4 <—> 8

2 <—> 7


ennead polarities - Copy

Starting with the unseen line between 5 and 1, there’s to set the stage for how and where these two types were ‘born’:

4 and 7 represent a manic-depressive/Dionysian polarity: 7 = manic, 4 = depressive. Further still, both of them have a manic-depressive polarity within the structural confines of each of these two types, unto themselves. 

So there’s a spirit of chemical disturbance, you might say, an unbridled voltaic fluidity flying around as you work with these two in the same abstract space; 7 as overactive Head, and 4 as overactive Heart. 

Pulling 4 and 7 into the same energy field, a certain buzz begins ramping up quickly, a particularly fast vibration as a result of these two unpredictable/unreliable chaos-makers sharing the same stage. So this is the unholy ground where E1 is ‘born’ response to the chaos.  E1, a hard firm Apollonian correction, a balancing act sets its straight vertical 1-self as dividing line between the confluence of 4/7 lunacy. 

After E1 is born, notice the 1-4-7 group forms an equilateral triangle: another symbolic allusion to E1’s design to bring order and equilibrium to a frustrating table.

Now E5 is ‘born’ between 7 and 8. It’s interesting to note the metaphor, how small the field is here, the space between two adjacent numbers on the e-circle; a fractional space, if you will. Compounding the tight situation, 7 and 8 are (let’s say, for brevity’s sake) masters of the corporeal world, ‘outward plans’ + ‘outward expansion’, bursting expansiveness, from both sides, condenses the gestation zone even smaller for the ’embryonic’ 5, squeezing the ‘fetus’ into non-physical space, way up into one corner of existence/consciousness, curled up inside itself in the introverted Head domain. 

Continuing the metaphor, the fated triangle that forms from E5’s birth, 7-5-8, is one of the two acute (‘narrow’) angles of the e-symbol (the other one being E4’s 1-4-2 triangle), this being yet another representation of the uniquely small space allotted for E5 on the physical plane.  Hence the characteristic classic disconnect between head and body in this type.

So now that the stage is set, the inversions:  E1 goes vertical, rising in linear fashion into moral/ethical space, channeling “God’s voice” and identifying with it ….. divides the forces of chaos and overarches 

In order to overarch and ‘divide and conquer’ the 4/7 Bacchanalia of liquid depravity and emotional ripping of flesh, the ‘rational’ means to achieve order appears to be through the bridling constraint and considerable leverage provided by quasi-religious authority.  To be “above it all”, and to self-identify (on some level) with the above-ness.  

Whereas E5’s mode could be deemed more strictly ‘survivalist’ in its solution: the retreat into the Head.  However, such head space as E5 resides sets the type, archetypally, in default moral space due to the scope of “Apollo’s” sovereignty over the mind/intellect, and all manner of ‘higher orders’, inclusive of the Divine.  The Apollonian straight line, here, though, seems to run horizontal, culling the little bits of ‘God’ in all the small granular things of existence, in contrast to E1’s elevation into untouchable abstraction via the ‘Word of God’.  5, as per the Head types’ propensity, innately perceives the power to reside outside themselves, and thus ‘God’ (‘the self as authority’) is only gathered together, grain by horizontal grain.

Notice that E1 has strict prejudices against the body “on moral grounds”.  While E5 rejects the body as an accident of its figurative typological gestation experience.

Birthplace differences:  outer chaos (E7) + inner tumult (E4) = E1’s ‘eternal principle’ response as bulwark against the assault from within and without / abstract principle as pragmatic bulwark against double-sided assault.  Outer chaos (E7) + outer aggression (E8) = E5 withdrawal into introverted abstract space.

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