Jung’s “9w1 Description”

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Jung’s description of the Introverted Sensation type, from the original version of his typology (pre-Myers Briggs) correlates well with e-type 9 and what I’ve termed the mytho-animative function. He even goes so far as to (inadvertently) illuminate the nature of 9w1’s “shadow wing”, Type 8.

“Actually he lives in a mythological world, where men, animals, locomotives, houses, rivers, and mountains appear as benevolent deities or as malevolent demons. That they appear thus to him never enters his head, though that is just the effect they have on his judgments and actions.

He judges and acts as though he had such power to deal with; but this begins to strike him only when he discovers that his sensations are totally different from reality. If he has any aptitude for objective reason, he will sense this difference as morbid; but if he remains faithful to his irrationality, and is ready to grant his sensations ‘reality value’, the objective world will appear a mere make-believe and a comedy… As a rule he resigns himself to this isolation and the banality of the world, which he has unconsciously made archaic.

His unconscious is distinguished chiefly by the repression of intuition, which consequently acquires an extroverted [intuition] and archaic character. Whereas true extroverted intuition [E8] is possessed of a singular resourcefulness, a “good nose” for objectively real possibilities, this archaicized intuition has an amazing flair for all the ambiguous, shadowy, sordid, dangerous possibilities lurking in the background…. It therefore has a dangerous and destructive quality that contrasts glaringly with the well-meaning innocuousness of the conscious attitude.

…But as soon as the unconscious becomes antagonistic, the archaic intuitions come to the surface and exert their pernicious influence, forcing themselves on the individual and producing compulsive ideas of the most perverse kind.”

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